Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Turn Down the Lights

The good folks over at Cemetery Dance announced a special project today. Edited by Richard Chizmar himself, Turn Down the Lights is an anthology celebrating the 25th anniversary of CD Pubs. I'm doubly excited about it (i.e. proud to be a contributor, and looking forward to it as a reader, too), and I'm betting you will be to once you get a glance at the TOC:

"Turn Down the Lights..." an introduction by Richard Chizmar
"Summer Thunder" by Stephen King
"Incarnadine" by Norman Partridge
"The Western Dead" by Jack Ketchum
"An Instant Eternity" by Brian James Freeman
"In the Room" by Bentley Little
"Flying Solo" by Ed Gorman
"The Outhouse" by Ronald Kelly
"Lookie Loo" by Steve Rasnic Tem
"Dollie" by Clive Barker
"The Collected Short Stories of Freddie Prothero" by Peter Straub
Afterword by Thomas F. Monteleone

Needless to say, I'm in very fine company here. Even better news -- the trade edition is already at the printer will be shipping next month. Right now you can grab a copy with free shipping over at the CD website. And since the book was just announced this morning and is already 50% sold out, you'd probably better do the job soon (especially if you want an extra-crunchy edition).

As Mr. Chizmar himself always writes in his "Words from the Editor," can't wait to "turn down the lights... and start the dance" with this one. I got my start over at Cemetery Dance, with Rich publishing my first short story and my first novel, so it's great to see things going so strong at CD all these years later... and, yep, I'm glad to be in on the action, too.

That's it for now. Stay tuned... later on in the week I'll post a little taste of "Incarnadine" for those of  you who like your sneak peeks.