Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Bucketful of Shivers

My contributor's copies of a new anthology hit the doorstep the other day. Shivers VII is edited by Richard Chizmar, longtime Cemetery Dance honcho. This one features stories from Stephen King, Ed Gorman, Al Sarrantonio, Clive Barker, Brian James Freeman, Roberta Lannes, Rio Youers... and right about now I'll save myself some typing and say you can check out the full TOC right here.

My contribution is "Red Rover, Red Rover," a slice of summertime gothic. Starts off this way: "Everyone says the lake is haunted, but the boys have been looking all summer and they haven't seen one ghost." I had a lot of fun writing the piece, especially channeling the 1969 setting from my own childhood memories. Here's hoping it provides a shiver or two... just watch out for Mr. Rose.

Me? I'm definitely enjoying the book. Of course, I'm not the most considerate reader in the world -- at least when it comes to editors -- as I tend to jump around in anthos rather than stick to the playlist. So far I've read the King piece ("Weeds," adapted for Creepshow way back when), which was a perfect little fifties sci-fi creeper out of The Blob school. Also checked out Norman Prentiss' "The Storybook Forest," a sharp chiller with an irresistible "I wish I'd thought of that" set-up -- three teenagers are on the prowl in an abandoned amusement park, and before the first Budweiser's drained one of them is trapped under a giant tea cup. This one's masterful, restrained, and sly -- and it'll leave you wanting more. And just when I thought I couldn't stand to read another zombie story, here comes a very sharp one from Tim Waggoner. Nice stuff.

Anyway, so far I'm three-for-three with Shivers VII. The hardcover edition is already sold out, but you can grab yourself a trade pb right here.