Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Supplement 11/3/13

One my favorite Halloween reads was Richard Sala's graphic novel, Delphine. Look this one up online and it'll no doubt be described as a horrific retelling of Snow White from a male perspective. While that's certainly an accurate description, what I love most about Delphine is the terrific reboot of an old horror archetype -- the tale of a stranger looking for answers in a cursed small town. Put Delphine in that fictive neighborhood, and the setting for Sala's tale isn't that far from Lovecraft's New England stomping grounds (or Whitewood, Massachusetts, the mysterious 'burg in an old horrorshow fave of mine -- City of the Dead). What makes Sala's work special is that he manages to have his enchanted apple and eat it, too -- his work echoes classic horror tropes while not at all settling into the pale shadows of homage. This is fresh and vital stuff... and that bit about God being a giant spider? That's a bucketful of creepy, right there.

And while I'm at it, let's go classic with the trailer for every monsterkid's favorite immolatin' cultist frightfest:

Interesting piece on the enduring power of Stephen King's Carrie. I'm currently revisiting some early King with a reread of Night Shift, the first King book I encountered way back when. I'd forgotten a lot of these stories and am enjoying them greatly... more on that when I turn the last page.

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