Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sunday Paper on a Saturday Night (a.k.a. Sunday Supplement 11/10/13)

I meant to recommend this new Universal Horror tribute album from Midnight Syndicate closer to Halloween, but I missed the cobweb-infested window of opportunity. Needless to say, I enjoyed this one a lot, and "It Lives!" is a definite fave (along with "Into the Valley of Shadows" and "Unwanted Visitor"). Of course, I'm a little torn, as I would have loved a CD by these gents featuring reinterpretations of the original Universal scores, but who knows? Maybe they'll get around to that next Halloween.

The Man Behind the Jaggerstein Monster!

Turns out one of the most popular posts last month was Back from the Abyss: The Dell Movie Classic Mummy! The success of that particular Internet excavation project sent me looking for some other Undead Egyptiana I once had in my possession, including this board game. Man, I wish I'd held on to it... though (to be honest) my lead figures weren't nearly so expertly painted.

Last but definitely not least: One of the finest short story writers going, John Langan, has a new collection out. If you like your horror dark and literate but not at all stuffy or staid, grab yourself a copy of The Wide Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies.  I intend to, as I became an instant Langan fan the moment I read "On Skua Island" several years ago. If you need further endorsement, Jeffrey Ford and Laird Barron have anted up with an Introduction and Afterword for John's latest compendium... and that's about as fine a double-shot of endorsement as I can imagine. Order up!