Monday, March 22, 2010

Like The Mummy Said...

"That's a wrap." Last week I finished up the page proof corrections for Lesser Demons and shot them over to Bill Schafer at SubPress. That means the hatches are pretty much battened down on this book. Hoo-rah -- I can't wait until a box o' Demons lands on my doorstep. Front cover to back, I'm very pleased with this collection.

Also turned in correx for another book-length project with a different press. The publisher hasn't made an announcement yet, so right now (like Kharis) my lips are stitched.

And: had news that one of my stories, "The Mojave Two-Step," has been picked up for reprint in a Joe Lansdale anthology coming from Tachyon Publications in February 2011. This one isn't up for preorder yet, but publisher Jacob Weisman tells me that Crucified Dreams will be an antho of genre-busting noir tales in the Lansdale tradition, and I'm proud to be part of it.