Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ever Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?

Subterranean Press popped the cork on a great review of Lesser Demons today, courtesy of Booklist. Here's the word from the SubPress Newsletter:

Some of the demons in Norman Partridge's new collection may not be of the major variety, but as Booklist notes, there's nothing minor about Lesser Demons: "In the afterword to this collection, Partridge credits his lifelong love of fantasy and horror for a versatile writing style that has garnered three Bram Stoker awards. Before that remark, 10 finely calibrated, genrebending tales display his broad range, from dark detective fiction to equally dark western yarns...his gift for twisting genre conventions in surprising new ways is unsurpassed."

Also, I've had some emails asking about a mention in this week's Cemetery Dance Newsletter concerning a forthcoming novella project. And, yep, I can confirm that's a go, and I'll give you a little more detail while I'm at it. Johnny Halloween is a collection of my short Halloween fiction and nonfiction, and it will include a brand new novella set in the Dark Harvest universe which involves one of the characters from the novel. It's a bit of a prequel, and the title of the piece in "The Jack o' Lantern."

Anyway, this project is slated for publication in the fall, but hasn't been officially announced. Stay tuned. I'll drop some links as soon as ordering info goes live on the CD site.