Friday, November 19, 2010

"Tales of Hard Knocks Redemption"

There's a great new review of my short story collection Lesser Demons over at the Cemetery Dance website. In part, Jason Ridler has this to say: "...Partridge is free range writer of fiction, a mercenary of genre stories that range from the gentle and atmospheric to the true grit of the fiction he's best known for, hard-boiled horror. With an equal love of horror and rugged literature, the influences etched on his sleeve range from Ray Bradbury to Lee Marvin, Poe to Peckinpah, and his body of work, from novels, to short stories, should sit comfortably on the shelf of any fan of Joe Lansdale, Richard Matheson, or John Skipp."

Of course, that's the kind of review that's a definite day-maker, but apart from that it's got me wondering what would have happened if Mssrs. Poe and Peckinpah had managed to get together and uncork a bottle or two...