Thursday, June 17, 2010

Eighteen Years Ago Today...

...I was in Colorado for the release of Mr. Fox and Other Feral Tales at the legendary Little Bookshop of Horrors, home of Doug and Tomi Lewis' Roadkill Press. Above is the original poster for the event (click on the image for a larger view).

Man, how time flies. Mr. Fox was my first short story collection, and Lesser Demons is my fifth. A whole lot of water has passed under the bridge between those two books.

And nope, that's not my car (unfortunately) in the photo on the poster. That shot was taken at The Stanley Hotel is Estes Park, Colorado. The Stanley was Stephen King's inspiration for the Overlook in The Shining, and there must have been a big King fan working there (or visiting) at the time. Anyway, I crept up on Christine in the parking lot, grabbed a hunk of her tail-fin as I had my picture taken, and lived to tell the tale.