Monday, June 28, 2010

Demons of the Amazon

Thanks to those of you who've emailed and told me how much you enjoyed the new short story collection. A few of you have also asked about the out-of-print status of the Lesser Demons trade hardcover at the publisher. To answer the main question: Nope, this doesn't mean the book isn't available. This means that Subterranean has shipped all orders to individual customers and distributors. Though the trade edition is no longer available through SubPress, you can still order copies through other sources: Amazon, Cemetery Dance, even your favorite local independent bookseller (who'll get a copy from one of the major distributors). How long those copies will last depends on the volume of orders coming in now.

Of course, this means that my post of last week still holds -- if you want to help push Lesser Demons, fill up a bucket of brimstone and light a fire. Review it on Amazon. Talk about it on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, or your favorite message board. Like I said: It's all good... and I appreciate it!