Sunday, May 9, 2010

Occultation in my Mailbox

I love swag, especially when it comes from a guy like Laird Barron. Which is another way of saying that talented inhabitant of the Pacific Northwest just sent me a copy of his new collection from Night Shade Books: Occultation and Other Stories. Even better, the book contains two stories that weren't in the manuscript version I had the pleasure of reading: "Mysterium Tremendum" and "Six Six Six." Just like Laird to toss in two original pieces for a collection. That's a great bonus, and I look forward to reading them soon.

Of the rest of the collection, here's my blurbish assessment: "Laird Barron is one of those writers who makes other writers want to break their pencils. I'm serious. His work is that good. Worse than that, he's an original (damn him!), and the finest writer to join the ranks of the dark fantastic in a long, long time."

Anyway, you'll find that out for yourself if you pick up this collection. My tip is to grab it while the grabbing's good, because I'll bet Occultation will find a slot on most of the award ballots next year. And, hey, while I'm at it: if you missed my American Frankenstein interview with Laird, you can check it out here.