Sunday, May 23, 2010

David J. Schow (x 3)

For my money, David Schow was word-for-word the best writer to make his mark during the eighties horror boom, when the splatterpunks reared up and roared. So I'm glad to report that I just got word from Mr. Schow (and Ava Gardner) that he's got not one, not two, but THREE (count 'em!) new books on the way this July. Here's the rundown from DJS himself on what's coming:

The paperback: Hunt Among the Killers of Men, a pulpy softcover thriller in the “Gabriel Hunt” series founded by Hard Case Crime kingpin Charles Ardai (who also published Gun Work). The adventures are written as “as-told-to” books, and this one’s my installment. The fabulous cover is by Glen Orbik. Yes, there are guns.

The hardcover: Internecine, my first novel since 2003’s Bullets of Rain; what I hope is received as a “suspenser .” Yes, there are lots more guns. (That’s Thomas Jane on the cover — twice — as rendered by Tim Bradstreet).

The pricier hardcover: The Art of Drew Struzan, which is pretty self-explanatory except that THIS is a book of comps — all the different interpretations of various movies before they get to the poster-painting stage (like those vetoed Indiana Jones posters with the swastikas on them, or the SIX OTHER VERSIONS of the famous Creature from the Black Lagoon limited-edition print). Drew speaks at length on these and his retirement from the Hollywood grind; I interpret what he says. Virtually no guns at all in this one.

Norm again: guns or no guns, this is a triple-shot of great news. Can't wait.