Saturday, November 10, 2012

Something To Do With Death

"Just before the 'Cattle Corner' sequence was completed [for Once Upon a Time in the West], [Mickey] Knox remembers, the actor playing 'Knuckles' -- Al Muloch -- committed suicide by throwing himself out of a hotel bedroom window, dressed in his full Western costume: 'Actually I was with Claudio Mancini in a hotel room and we saw the body coming down past our window. I guess he was a very troubled guy. Nobody knew what the hell was wrong with him, or why he did it. I think he was a Canadian. The interesting part was that we went down, and the body was on the ground. There was Sergio Leone over there. Claudio Mancini put him in his car and drove him to the hospital. But before that, Sergio said to Mancini, 'Get the costume, we need the costume.' The guy was dying there, and Leone was asking for the costume!"

--Christopher Frayling