Friday, November 2, 2012


Well... you just knew I'd have a story in this one, didn't you?

Kidding. Psychos is a new anthology from horror legend John Skipp. Flip through the table of contents, and you'll see that it's one of those compilations that looks like a horror yearbook. Everyone's in here -- from Robert Bloch to Mehitobel Wilson, from Edgar Allan Poe to Jack Ketchum to (wait for it) serial killer Albert Fish. At 601 pages, Skipp did not mess around. Neither did the publisher, Black Dog & Leventhal. I love the book design and illos, and the simple fact that the whole thing isn't jammed into 400 pages with eyeball-torturing print. I wish more publishers operated that way.

My contribution is "And What Did You See in the World?" Or, as Tia says, "that's the story where the guy keeps his girlfriend in the trunk of his car." Yes, it is. I wrote it in an afternoon so I wouldn't lose a bet to a publisher, but that's a tale I'll save for another day. Anyway, "And What Did You See..." is a story I like a lot.

Sometimes you get lucky and catch lightning in a bottle... and all in the space of a single afternoon. I wish that happened more often. Usually, I run into more trouble catching lightning than Dr. Frankenstein himself.

In other words, gifts from the heavens are okay with me.