Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday Paper on a Saturday Night (or: Sunday Supplement 12/18/11)

Since this movie looks to be a dark twist on the mythic, you can imagine that the guy who wrote Dark Harvest might really want to see it before Christmas rolls around. Netflix is letting me down -- it's been at the top of my queue for three weeks, and it ain't comin'. Amazon, do your stuff.

If there's a rockabilly fan on your Xmas list, check out The Presley Sessions by Reid Jameson. Been playing this one a lot with the new Chris Isaak Sun Records tribute, and Jameson hangs right in there. Love the stripped-down acoustic feel, and his great versions (especially) of "Trying to Get to You" and "Is It So Strange." Uh-huh-huh. Methinks The King would be pleased.

Now it can be told: Rockin' Randy Fox spins the tale of the night Charlie Louvin met Jello Biafra... with auditory evidence included!

Back to Xmas... and just in case you're wondering. Favorite Scrooge: Alastair Sim. Runner up: Patrick Stewart. Weirdest: Jack Palance in Ebeneezer. And no, I'm not kidding. Jack Palance played Scrooge. Really. In a western. With Ebeneezer as a gunslinger. And card cheat.

The Actor Who Should Have Played Scrooge But Didn't: Boris Karloff. But we got him as the Grinch, so we came out ahead.

Talking to some of the college-age guys who work for me at the library, and the subject of Christmas action movies came up. They all knew Die Hard. Two out of three knew Lethal Weapon. But they'd never heard of First Blood, and only one of them had heard of Rambo. Wow. I officially feel old now.

Want some other Christmas movie recs? Check out my post from last year: Stalkin' Around the Christmas Tree. Enjoy!