Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sunday Paper on a Saturday Night (or: Sunday Supplement 11/6/11, just a little early)

Forget Vincent Price's rap on Michael Jackson's "Thriller," I wish Uncle Boris had lived long enough to pull this one off.

Just in case you didn't get enough Halloween: Universal Monsters punkins.

Great Ray Harryhausen appreciation at

And courtesy of my buddy Rick Klaw, here's a hilarious Harryhausen quote: "If I had first seen the 1975 (sic) version of King Kong, I would have become a plumber."

My wife says I obsess about coasters, but you'll probably obsess about these, too. Preordered!

From Nashville Public Radio, Rockin' Randy Fox on Sir Cecil Creape: Nashville's Hometown Ghoul.

And I can think of worse ways to close out the Halloween season than this. That's a bigga bigga hunka horror history in seven minutes and nine seconds.