Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Writing Advice

I've had some emails from folks asking for links to my recent posts on writing and marketing a first novel. Glad to oblige:

First Novels and Micro-Runs, Part 1

First Novels and Micro-Runs, Part 2

Putting Your First Novel To Work

The Magic Bullet

If you found those articles useful and would like to check out some other writing tips, try these older posts:

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Early Influences: Frank Frazetta, Creepy, and the Cover Story

And, yeah. I really should learn to use the tags feature on this blog. Now that American Frankenstein has been around (almost) a year, that'd help sort things out. Or, as Rod Serling might have said: "Doesn't hurt to have a signpost up ahead when you're sending pilgrims into The Twilight Zone, buddy."