Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Original Mr. Fox

Just discovered that my old buddy Rockin' Randy Fox has whomped himself up a blog. If you're in the mood for some real-deal monsterkid memories, click on over to A Schmuck With an Underwood and check out Randy's essay, "The Communal Deadly Mantis, or 'Movie Good, Piano Bad!'" It's hilarious, even if you're not old enough to remember the excitement that could set a young movie lover's heart beating pitter-pat when the new issue of the TV Guide arrived in the mail. And, yep, I'll admit it -- as a kid I used to attack the TV Guide with a red felt pen to mark shows I wanted to see as soon as it showed up, and I often set my alarm clock for truly ungodly hours to catch movies in those pre-VCR days. (Not that I caught them all -- while Randy always seemed to miss Bride of Frankenstein, my tales of woe were missing first-run TV shows like Kolchak and Planet of the Apes because football games fell on Friday night [and nope, I wasn't a jock... I was in the band]).

Anyway, click on over and tune in. I'm sure Mr. Fox will keep things interesting. After all, Randy knows his stuff when it comes to movies, music, comics, and all the cool marginalia that falls in between. I mean, this is the guy who cooked up a Gene Vincent/Allison Hayes story for my B-Movie antho, It Came From the Drive-In. If you read that one, you'll remember that Mr. Fox shook, rattled, and rolled that wild pair straight into The Twilight Zone.

With Elvis as the bad guy.

And Vic Morrow along for the ride, too.

Now, that was a bucketful of rockin' good.

'Nuff said.