Monday, January 31, 2011

Hollywood Smackdown: Robert Bloch vs. Jack Webb!

"When I brought my revised version to the studio I was directed to [Jack] Webb's office to deliver the script. The reception area was imposing, and several personable secretaries labored within its confines. But its chief attraction was a series of huge glass-fronted display cabinets which featured an impressive array of literally scores of framed citations, medals, gold and silver trophies and awards presented to Webb for Dragnet.

"As I stood goggling at this overwhelming evidence of success, the door to the inner office opened and Webb himself emerged. He may or may not have recalled my name and used it in his greeting; this I can't recollect. What I do remember is the perverse impulse which came over me.

"Nodding at the staggering display of prizes and trophies, I said, 'Gee, Mr. Webb -- you must have done a lot of bowling!'"

--Robert Bloch
Once Around the Bloch