Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Swarm of Locus

The new issue of Locus has a great review of Lesser Demons, singling out my new novella, "The Iron Dead," for praise: "The one previously unpublished story, 'The Iron Dead,' is a tour-de-force of narrative drive and imaginative horrors. Set during the Prohibition Era, it begins like a hardboiled crime story, with a truck full of rumrunners running afoul of a nemesis, but it quickly turns into something much more intriguing and imaginative as that nemesis reveals itself to be something horrifically alien. Partridge doesn’t waste time explaining it or its motives. Instead, he conjures a hero as weird and wild as the monsters, amps up the firepower, and draws gangsters and gunmen together in an uneasy alliance against an formidable mutual enemy. The story has the energy and audacity of a superhero comic, and would make one helluva graphic novel or movie adaptation. It’s Partridge firing on all cylinders, and it’s the perfect finish to this very fine compilation."

Can't ask for a better nod than that. There are a few copies of the limited edition of Lesser Demons still available from SubPress, or you can grab the trade edition over at Amazon (it's sold out from the publisher).