Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Double Trouble

It's my pleasure to post this fantastic illustration of Chaney from young artist Kevin Nordstrom. For those of you who haven't picked up Lesser Demons yet, Chaney's the (as close as it gets) hero of "The Iron Dead," the original 17,000 word pulp-inspired novella which appears in my new short story collection from Subterranean Press. As for Kevin, he's a young gun who's done covers for Marvel's Epic line and concept art for Wildstorm, and he dedicates this piece to his late uncle, Herbie Faurote, who always encouraged him as an artist. (And check out Kevin's blog for some cool views of classic characters; I especially love his take on the Creature from the Black Lagoon -- that's one bad hunka Gillman!)

As for Lesser Demons, it's the subject of Part 4 of Interview 5.5.5. with Blu Gilliand at Click on over for the good word on hardboiled horror and noir, fan favorites and my favorites in the collection, and the future of Mr. Chaney (a.k.a. The Man with the Hand Built in Hell).