Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pic o' the Week

I received my contributor's copy of Beware the Dark #2 today... and wow, what a cool package editor/publisher Paul Fry has assembled. Love the production on this mag, and the lineup looks great too -- columns by Ramsey Campbell and Ray Garton, a Joe Lansdale interview, lots of great artists and writers. Can't wait to dig in.

But the piece of resistance this time out is my buddy Tom Piccirilli, who is the featured attraction herein, with stories, an interview, bibliography, and appreciations. My contribution to this Pic Special Issue falls in the latter camp, and I had a blast writing the piece. It's called Pic's Dirty Dozen, and it's (basically) twelve things you might not know about the Big Man himself. Want a taste? Here's a straight shot of same to warm you up and (hopefully) get you to click the buy button:

If you ever need to get in touch with another writer, ask Tom. He knows everybody. Want the straight dope about a publisher? Ask Tom. He'll give it to you. In fact, some of the most hilarious stuff I've ever read in my life are Pic's emails about his adventures in the writing trenches. Seriously. If he's been burned, he can light a match to a keg of dynamite and return the favor like nobody's business. And if Tom uses a little descriptive shorthand and tells you that a publisher is a Shaw Brother... well, pardner, that ain't good news. Run, don't walk, in the other direction. And maybe have Jimmy Wang Yu watch your back.

So: Some fun to be had herein. Apart from getting the chance to name-check Jimmy Wang Yu, I talk about Adam Warlock, Robert Mitchum, even Pasta Fasool and turkey sandwiches. You know, all the good stuff.

And here's some even better stuff to toss into the mix: Heard from Tom last week, who had a MRI recently and is clear of brain cancer 19 months after surgery. He actually had a photographer from a medical journal visit to take his picture as a Miracle Man. You can file that under: Beating the Odds, or The Good Guy Wins This Time Out. Either one works for me... and I'm glad Tom can take both of 'em to the bank.

And hey Tommy: Keep punchin', you big bad noir cowboy. We love you.