Thursday, October 7, 2010

Famous Monsters Speak... Again!

Famous Monsters has posted a great review of Johnny Halloween. In part, Peter D. Schwotzer has this to say about my new collection of fiction and nonfiction celebrating the dark season: "'The Man Who Killed Halloween' was the highlight of the book for me. An essay on what it was like growing up in the town where the Zodiac started his reign of terror, this will get under your skin and remain there long after you put the book down. Mr. Partridge manages to convey what it was like in that small California town when fear slowly took hold. It is chilling... Halloween just got a lot better with Johnny Halloween."

If you haven't grabbed a copy yet, you can click on over to the Cemetery Dance site and do the job. And be sure to tune in tomorrow -- I'll be kicking off a blog series celebrating my favorite month. In the coming weeks I'll cook up a cauldron of good creepy October content, talk a little Dark Harvest and Johnny Halloween along the way, and even boil up some authentic monsterkid Halloween memories guaranteed to whet your appetite for the day itself.