Monday, September 13, 2010

First Review, Last Chance

Kevin Lucia of Shroud Magazine has weighed in with the first review of Johnny Halloween... and it's a great one. In part, Lucia writes: "[Partridge's] ability to invoke the autumn-spiced magic of this season securely places him alongside writers such as Ray Bradbury and Al Sarrantonio; however, his edged, two-fisted noir sensibilities gives this celebrated autumn season an added punch, and because of this Partridge continually offers something new where others have merely tried to imitate."

Also: Brian Freeman tells me that copies of Johnny Halloween will be back from the printer before the official October 15th publication date. Cemetery Dance will begin shipping copies as soon as they arrive in the warehouse. If you haven't taken advantage of CD's offer of free shipping on preorders of the collection, click on over and do that soon.

Lastly, thanks to all who've already preordered Johnny Halloween. I appreciate it!