Friday, April 23, 2010

Famous Monsters Speak!

I'll be back with Part 3 of "The Bradbury Shelf" tomorrow, but wanted to cut in here with a new Lesser Demons review from Famous Monsters. Peter D. Schwotzer says in part: "Lesser Demons is a collection of stories that really can't be categorized. Mr. Partridge is able to combine the best of The Twilight Zone, classic monster movies, detective and western fiction into a group of tales that hit hard and stay with you long after you close the book...It appears I have been missing out on a monstrous talent in the short story field, but that is one mistake I fully intend to rectify."

Okay. It's hard to channel my inner fanboy these days. That little sucker is buried down deep. But this review did it. I mean, this in FAMOUS MONSTERS. The mag that helped turn me into a genuine monsterkid. It's a real thrill to have my work reviewed in its virtual pages. Fact is, I can't think of anything much cooler.

Well, if they'd sent me a couple of vintage Don Post monster masks along with the review, that would have been cooler. And maybe all the old issues of FM (including #1) that my mom tossed when I was away at summer camp one year. I wouldn't mind that. But, hey, I don't want to get greedy....