Saturday, October 23, 2010

Harvest for a Shroud

Shroud Magazine has just weighed in with a review of Dark Harvest. My favorite part:

"People talk often in horror reviews about an author having 'a unique voice'. Usually that's a cover for poor craft and style... but this is the real deal. Stylistically speaking, Dark Harvest is one of the most finely crafted novels I've read in years. It manages to blend a first, second, and third person present tense narrative into seamless storytelling perfection. And, along the way it's simply a great story, with some unexpected heroism to boot. This is the new standard Halloween stories should be judged by. Pick it up in time for Halloween. You won't be disappointed."

So if you haven't grabbed a copy of Dark Harvest yet, click on over and do the job. There's a new mass-market pb edition out from Tor, and the best time to read the book is Halloween... which is creeping up on us even as I type and raindrops do the tap-tap-tapping thing upon my chamber's (particularly unPoe-esque) sliding-glass door.